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September 18, 2020

I had been at Seneca Lake for 24 hours.

As we were walking into Belhurst Castle for my brother's pre-mini-wedding [pre-pre the big (if allowed) 2021 wedding bc-of-Covid] cocktail party, my phone rang. I didn't fish for it in my purse. I don't answer my phone normally. I'm terrible with that device; it's always somewhere else and I only make an effort if I'm solely responsible for finding someone/meeting up). It's a surprise I even heard it.

My mother and father, who hadn't seen each other in a few years, had just said hi. Actually, a lot of us were just saying hi, meeting on the host line for this mini affair. Logistically, by the time I dismissed myself from the group, ran to the front door to get outside to hear and speak, I would have missed the call anyway.

It was the clinic calling. Anything can wait. Also, why are they calling me on a Friday night?! If I got any type of news now, I wouldn't know how to be in the company of family and new family. This was not my night or my weekend; I needed to concentrate on everyone else and enjoy my time here. Plus, there was my mom to worry about, which is an entirely different story.


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