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"Gia is an extremely talented, highly driven and creative editorial professional. I was fortunate enough to have Gia as my supervisor and mentor when we worked together at Dorchester Media. She is an individual that takes great pride in her work, every project she manages, and in her colleagues. She has a charismatic personality that motivates an entire team and radiates a room - which is a rarity to find these days. Gia is a truly valuable asset to any company that she would be a part of and they would be lucky to have her on their team."


— Jane Gogerman Ostrovsky, former colleague, New York, NY


"There are a lot of words that I can use to describe Gia, but I'll narrow it down to two: Trustworthy and Efficient. Her work speaks for itself."


— J.L. Adams, author, New York, NY

"Gia Portfolio provided a professional lens and comprehensive edit to a work developed over several years. The end product was enhanced in a manner that improved the work without taking out the writer. I would recommend Gia to other authors and editors. Of note, her creative work is equally impressive."


— Charles W. McMellon, Esq., author, Brooklyn, NY

"Gia did a fantastic job editing my manuscript. Her ability to connect with my characters was invaluable. I will definitely be working with her again!


— Venetta Bartley, author, Union, NJ


"Gia managed the entire process for the creation of a monthly magazine. She also led the company in innovative ways to reach our readers via a blog, which was something the company had not done before. She managed the selection of interns and contract writers and never missed a deadline. She was always helpful and provided great feedback in group discussions. I enjoyed having her as a colleague and would recommend her to any organization - she is a great asset and takes her work seriously."


—  Lauren Lewis, former colleague, New York, NY

"I consider myself extremely lucky to have come across Gia's editorial services. Over the past year, she has helped me improve several blog posts and personal essays that I've written as a medical student. I can say with certainty that she is meticulous, timely, and professional. Truly a top-notch editor.


— Robert Spencer, medical student, New York, NY

"Gia's editorial skills have been very beneficial for my work. She is creative and possesses excellent writing skills."


— Laukik Bothara, civil engineer, New York, NY

"Gia recently interviewed me for an article about my new business for the JC Independent. Her writing ability is exceptional and she is very accurate. Anyone should be proud to have such an amazing person on their team."


— Veronika Bamfield, founder, Bamboola Baby, Jersey City, NJ

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