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September 10, 2020

5 more vials of blood are drawn at RMA. Why, oh why didn't they just take enough the first time?! This is becoming the summer of blood. I think I'm up to 18 vials from May to present, between this situation and Covid. I'm becoming a vampire.

I also went to the dermatologist today, and not even a biopsy — that would be one less prick for the day, though I never trust when a derm doesn't take a biopsy. I had melanoma; you should test spots that I say are new and look abnormal.

After all of this ickyness and a second shower, I went shopping because I needed to feel new, fresh, and clean-yet-unsterile. The mall is much-needed self-therapy. It's empty of people but filled with colorful, shiny, new objects. This is how pandemic living is...the world is yours to hold for a moment and just look at the stillness, the wonder and beauty of everything whether human-made (here) or in nature... completely by yourself.

It is also a cushioning distraction for tomorrow. In the morning, I am due for a DEXA (bone) scan.

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