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July 27, 2020

Another phone call. The rest of my bloodwork results.

An unexpected shocker: my cholesterol is insanely high.

OK, cheese has played a main role in my life since lockdown (March to these tests in July), but other than that, I can't see how this could be. My blood pressure has always been low, and there is no history of heart-related anything in my family. I was always on my feet and was maybe 100 lbs.

Here are my notes (obvi missing some key numbers in my baffle-rush to write this down):

Total cholesterol: 380 (should be 180-199)

LDL: 236 (should be under 100)

Triglycerides: 390 (should be 0-149)

Androgen & Progesterone (?) 78 (should be 5-40)

I text my father:

I eventually got the report, which took another 4 phone calls, 4 emails and an equal number of weeks of dealing with the clinic and their lab. (ecause this was the summer of telling people how to do their own jobs. You must always be an advocate for yourself. Even when you're paying a lot of money for answers. F this system.) And lots of things that needed to be signed. Bottom line from my father, which he said in the beginning at the end of this text: I think something was off; you need to get tested again.

I really didn't care about this cholesterol thing except the added stress and forthcoming heart attack for its impingement on my life when all I wanted was the answer to one thing: Could I have my own babies with my own eggs and do I have viable eggs?

Insane how mothers, before they are even mothers, are willing to die for their embryos. At all costs, we must produce an heir.

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