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The Boys Who Lost

A few years ago, one of my guy friends said to me,”Oh, I could never get with her. She’s crazy.” Whenever a guy says this, it means he tried and he failed. I’ve had enough experience with guy friends to believe this is truth. Guys want to get into your pants—especially if you are as gorgeous, brilliant, and upbeat as this girl is.

Said girl was a good friend of both of ours. She was friends with his sister from college, she moved into our town which is how they connected, she and I became fast friends since she was my neighbor, and I met him through her.

Even if she was crazy, what guy wouldn’t try? I don’t think he invited her to watch movies at his house or to hang out all the time because she was new to the area. He was trying to move in, and even though she’s naive and I doubt she even considered he wanted to be more than friends, she did or said something that made it clear that she was not interested.

The one thing I’m almost sure about when a guy says a girl (who he often hangs out with) is crazy: He tried and got shot down, was placed in the “friend zone.” Oh boo-hoo. Clearly she is not “crazy” if you remain to be her “friend.” (That sliver of hope: this topic deems an entirely new post.)

There’s this type of guy who didn’t get any of the girls and/or any sort of recognition in high school, and then got hotter or cooler in college, which then made him more social, which then inflated his ego. He attempts to keep up this social butterfly persona later in life, but since he still holds a huge insecurity about his social status, he constantly needs to do subtle brags (about himself) or stabs (at others) to prove to everyone (himself, really) that he is worthy of some sort of social acceptance to make up for the fact that he was the class dork/misunderstood/unnoticed for most of his life.

So to all those loser asshole guys in life, who feel the need to deem a girl crazy just because she rejected him, and to say it to her friend (and if that friend is me, I will immediately discontinue my friendship with you, L.A.G.—as is what happened here), man up and grow something. Dissing girls is uncool, especially to other girls, and especially especially to their friends. And girls, don’t allow that bs. Call them out on it!

L.A.G.’s: Don’t hate on others because you lost. I’m sure plenty of people liked you all along, but because of your complex, they certainly don’t now.


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