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Reverse-Moving Relationships

Can a real relationship develop from one that began as strictly a sexual, friends-with-benefits one?

“Yes, absolutely,” said one of my friends. “It’s unconventional, but I’ve definitely seen it happen that way. I know a couple that started out as a one night stand and ended up married. Of course, they have a different way of explaining how they met. I just happen to know the truth.”

“No,” said friend number two. “No one who sleeps with someone on a booty-call basis takes the other person seriously. They are two people who need to bang it out—it’s about satisfying needs.”

Another friend explained, “The problem is that often one person becomes emotionally attached at some point, and that’s when it’s time to end it. You can put yourself out there, but that changes the unspoken contract. When expectations change, it often results in no more nooky—NOT a relationship. The end.”

I became particularly annoyed with one of my guy friends one holiday when he explained that he absolutely could never take a girl seriously if she slept with him too soon. Well, that very same night, he slept with one of my gal pals and they are still seeing each other four months later. I introduced them that day, and the straight-up strangers not only slept together that night, but she waited in his bed all day the next day for him to arrive home from work so they could go at it again (Umm…a little much?) Now I see on facebook that she is friends with all of my guy friends in that group, and hangs out with them more than me being a +1 to "I-hate-ONS-girls" guy. But I also see that even though they have plenty of pictures out together, his relationship status still says “single.” Sooo…

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