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I think most ladies have experienced this. I won’t speak on behalf of men, because while they may experience feelings of the exact same nature, I doubt theirs manifest themselves quite this way.

So here it is, one of the fascinating involuntary expressions of the female: The Perma-smile. This is when a gal goes throughout her day and she cannot stop smiling. It’s triggered by a hard-core crush that is going in the right direction, all cards in favor.

The smile is almost impossible to stop—those usual annoyances of the day just float on by, everything is just easy bright breezy with butterflies. Unless someone is dying or there is some other life-changing crisis, it is almost impossible for the gal to snap back into reality.

This can be triggered by the aftermath of just really great sex, or even bad sex with someone we like; we tend to get emotionally attached…

However, the real (genuine) perma-smile that I’m talking about lasts more than two days (my estimate). And that feeling—those feelings—adrenalin, endorphins that will not stop, the “everything is so pretty and I love everything”—when that lasts for a few days, you know you’re in trouble.

In the end, it may not be reciprocated (crushing can be so crushing!), but in the meantime, it’s still the best high around.


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