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…Or An Age?

I just found out that my latest lover graduated high school the year I graduated college. I’m having a slight panic attack. He seems my age or older, maturity-wise, career-level-wise, and in all his mannerisms and topics of conversation. So even though he looks not a day over 22, because of the aforementioned attributes, I thought he was in his mid-to-late 20s. Why did the age conversation never come up before?!

Actually, I vaguely remember disclosing my age, which I hate to do because I love skirting around the issue and playing the young card, but I thought he was two years older than he is—which, by the way, would still be two years younger than me. I just don’t know how a detail-oriented person like myself completely missed this very major detail. Or is it? Obviously it is not major to him; he has no problem with our difference in age.

Perhaps what bothers me about this really is my mistaken assumption. It is rare for a younger male not to seem younger, as it is uncommon for a male of the same age as or even a few years older than his female counterpart to be on par with her. We ladies are naturally much more mature. I just assumed…Well, we did meet through a mutual friend who is a few years older than me, so…? No. Never assume.

I love how it took me a year to even realize this. Am I robbing the cradle? It’s not like I’m making out with a 20-year-old for fun (which I can always justify); this is an adult relationship with a boy whom I thought was a man. I mean, he is a man, just a much younger one. The puma phase is sticking with me for life, even without my knowledge. *sigh*


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