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No Room For Pity

Because of—and definitely enhanced by—my history, people who whine really get on my nerves. As do people who feel sorry for themselves all of the time, or blame everything on other people or circumstances. Take g-dmn responsibility for yourself! You’re an adult; act like one.

Getting melo-dramatic and complaining to everyone in the world about matters that are in your own control just makes everyone not sympathize with you. It’s annoying and draining on all of your friends and family. Spend the time you spend on bitching on being productive instead: Do something about your situation.

When life hits you with something rough, instead of playing the victim role, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and go out there and do something positive and productive about it. Allow yourself some grieving time, but don’t weigh others down with it.

Lace up or slide those slippers on and drag yourself outside. Even if you have no direction, just keep going. You’d be surprised at what the world will bring you. At the very least, it will be a smile. It’s going to be okay.


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