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Nicknames that other people have given me: Gigi, GG-girl, G-Beez, G-Spot, Gianina Piccolina Ballerina, Little Portfolio, Glitter Princess, Pink Monkey, Peanut Head, (my little) Pony, Whisper, Plumlucky, Blueberry, Bottom Bunk.

The boy who named me Bottom Bunk gave me the phone/nickname idea. One of my good friends is “Maybe” in his phone. Like, what does that even mean? Intriguing nonetheless.

I have several nicknames for certain people. My boyfriend, for instance, is Chocolate Chip (for his obsession with chocolate-chip pancakes), Honeybun or Honeybee (sounds better than honey), Kangaroo (my Roo), Spanish Skin (eh, no explanation needed), and Spanish Stallion (def no explanation needed). In my phone, he is Joe Kewl. K-E-W-L, which I named him the first time I met him, because he seemed cool, calm, and collected in a sea of surrounding chaos. I admire that, because I’m definitely not relaxed, and I aspire to be so chill.

Nicknames also facilitate new bonds. A lady who works in my office, whom I’ve only met once and seen twice, came up to me the other day and said, “I call you Spangles, because you are always sparkling or glittering, or your jewelry is.” I thought that was sweet because I am relatively new. I work for a large company in the way that you see someone on your floor perhaps twice a month if they are not on your project; everyone is so busy you just don’t even run into anyone in the hallway, let alone see the ones you recognize in the bathroom. People know who I am?!

I conclude: Nicknames: Not only are they terrific identifiers; they’re quite endearing!


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