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I was let go from my company Thursday due to a “cash flow” problem. Eventually, I will have a personal cash flow problem if I don’t secure a new post soon, but in the meantime: For the next few weeks, I have time for everything that I put aside while I was married to the magazine. The benefits of being a free woman:

Kimono Living: I no longer have to dress up and brave the elements commuting to the concrete jungle. Instead, I can live in my silk pajamas and Japanese robes, read every book that’s been put aside in lieu of editing stories for the magazine, watch all of the television I want (become a videot, as my dad would say), and research all avenues/carve a path for my next career—all from the comfort of my bed.

The Library: My new office away from home is equipped with plenty of good books, *silence*, and nerds like me. Plus, I love the smell of old books!

Time For Other Creative Endeavors: This site, for instance. As well as a project I’ve signed on to do with my older brother’s company.

Friends: I’ve barely seen anyone all season . Ever since the holidays, all my efforts were poured into saving this dying/lost cause. Work was a stressful roller coaster and has taken its toll. Soooo… to everyone I owe time to, I am here now. I’m a liberated woman. Woo-hoo!

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Sunlight: It was rare to see the light of day during the workweek. Now I can get my vitamin D and outdoor fix whenever it strikes my fancy. Peace at last.

Running: With more hours to spare, I can commit myself fully to my race training.

Fewer wrinkles: The straining of my eyes 8/5 a week to see spaces between spaces of text (all the minute details of a piece) will be no more. With the help of anti-aging cream, maybe I can get rid of my early-onset eye wrinkles. Additionally, I’ll have a lot less eye-strain related headaches.

Longer Nails: Editing made me really fidgety with my hands, and the dry office air was causing my nails to peel. Surely I will have many a beauty benefit being out of that environment.

A better body: This is inevitable. I sat at a desk for eight hours a day which does nothing good for your figure.

Romance: Ironic that now that I’ve left my post as a romance magazine editor, I will actually have time to take on, well, at least a lover in real life.


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