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Jargon Madness


Inspired by a recent article I read and a discussion my mother brought up this week, I think it is high time to address an issue that has annoyed me for the past year. I was, for many reasons, unable to address it directly until now.

Egregious errors. Process. Going forward. Team. CC me. I’m out-of-pocket. Let’s touch base. Let’s do some housekeeping. These stupid code words and phrases that we are trained to use. Thanks/Best/Regards/Sincerely when we don’t even mean it! What we really want to say, at least some of the time, is “Thanks for making my life more difficult/making me stay late at work” or “I really don’t like you, but to be polite, I’m smiling through clenched teeth.”

I’m not saying forget your manners and throw office etiquette out of the window. But please, use your own vocabulary! Isn’t it beautiful to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t use the 100 other words everyone else says every week? DRONE.

I suspect people fear using dicta other than that which has been established in their place of work because they want to “fit in” (tragic), or even more ghastly, that no one else will understand what they are saying. We watch reality TV and fear for America, but what about your reality? Why are you using such dumb words to discuss business matters in everyday life?

Please be authentic. There are so many words in the dictionary. Rely on your own vernacular to express yourself, and if others don’t understand, shame on them.


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