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All Hail Brazil

Do a Google search on Brazilian, and you will find just about any female product or service under the sun linked to it.

Putting “Brazilian” in a name equals higher revenue. Just think of your favorite supermodel; she’s probably from Brazil. There is something extremely exotic and intriguing about Brazilian women.

I asked my amazing Brazilian gal-friend what exactly she thinks is so fascinating to American female consumers about all things Brazil. Here is what she said:

Brazilians, generally speaking, are culturally very concerned with dressing SENSUALLY (stress on the word). Brazilians wear ‘small’ and revealing clothing more often than Americans do. Part of it can be associated with the fact that it’s a tropical country and warm most of the year. People will even give up comfort if they look attractive; it’s a way to boost one’s self-esteem. Americans are more concerned with comfort than looking attractive. As my country’s economy gets better and people are starting to have more spending money, I notice they use it toward looking more and more fabulous in everyday life. It’s rare to see Brazilians without their nails done; most people have long straight hair (which is associated with beautiful hair, even if it’s not the most suitable for one’s face or shape). Also, heels here are almost mandatory. I actually got a bit scared when I came back home this last time, and even I have become more ‘fashion oriented.’ I’m more concerned about always having my nails done (which I still do myself), and I choose my outfits more carefully. I even wear heels much more often than I did in Florida. Brazilians are always finding new ways to improve this standard of beauty that has been developing over the years.

Well, my fellow American dames, let’s start to improve ourselves with what I’ve deduced from this: Never leave your house without looking stellar. Always be shaved, tanned, manicured, pedicured, makeup and hair done, dressed terrifically and wearing heels! This has an added benefit: with the confidence that comes from looking your best, you’ll naturally radiate even more beauty.


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