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The Lost Work Generation

Some may argue that kimono living is a great way of life. And it can be, for some time, but even that grows tiring.

What do you miss from the daily 9-5 office grind?

It’s the validity. I miss the daily power, recognition. Nothing else. Well, save comraderie amongst fellows I liked. I don’t miss the commute. I don’t miss the grueling schedules. I don’t even miss all of the amazing perks. I simply miss feeling like I was norm and a part of society. How horrific to be unemployed after always being ambitious, successful at a young age and now not knowing what lies ahead while chasing every avenue? I am exhausted; I am disheartened.

We are, and will forever be known, as the lost generation. We have so much to offer, so much potential. Are we the losers, or does the world lose us? Hands down, it’s the latter.


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