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Subconsciously, They Know

Ever since I started having regular s-e-x again, it’s like men can smell it on me or something. Not literally!—I

A decent amount of my friends love to say, “When it rains, it pours.” I have a theory that takes this a step further. Before I get into that, I should clarify: I was dating many men at the same time before I committed, so I wasn’t lacking for attention. I definitely had something going for me. During that time though, I was not hit on by nearly as many strangers as I am now. Nothing is different, except that I chose someone. So it was always raining/pouring, but why to this extent all of a sudden, where men on the street feel compelled to talk to me?

I think that guys subconsciously know—blame it on the pheromones?—when you’re getting it, and they have some primal instinct to step in and take over. I remember a lovely female colleague once saying that as soon as the engagement ring was on her finger, she was hit on more than ever in her life. A diamond is a visual clue, but I think there is something else going on—something more scientific. Nothing about my appearance says I’m taken. And I’ll reiterate that I’m not more confident-seeming than I was before and I do not look hotter.

SO… What are your thoughts? Are men wired to know when females are off the market, and does that make us, in their minds, a more valuable commodity worth pursuing?


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