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When I close doors, I lock them With the bolt For extra The chain, not necessary

Because What is extra, really? (Extra helps me sleep)

Is a chain necessary? (Not necessary; it will just lock a dweller out)

Unless a threat At the door In which case. we were not prepared; we hadn’t planned

In these situations, I’m not sure…

Though I thought today to keep a click-torch by the door…

I sort of know how to use that (weapon? When did we come to this? Or were we always this?)

My candle lighter click-off could be (for me) the most straightforward Mother of invention for immediate intervention

But what if I lit the predator and myself and the entire building on fire?

I’ll protect everyone in this house, even the rodents (there was more than one mouse) They were not invited; they should not have entered But your intent was to harm; you arrived with a temper

Predators cannot be prevented But extra effort for entry is amusing… To listen to the struggle| the jangle/jiggle of the key The sweat, the sweat, the need, the speed

The swiftness of my escape…

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